I have remodelled 9 kitchens and these are the 10 lessons uncovered |

I am a serial renovator. I have flipped two apartments and four homes. I’ve also owned and renovated rental houses, and at present however very own and allow a family vacation apartment in Croatia. In all, I’ve totally gutted and renovated nine of my personal kitchens (you can see me earlier mentioned in kitchen area variety seven) – and have helped countless close friends and relations prepare their kitchen makeovers.

Creating a kitchen is in all probability the most sophisticated renovation job any of us will choose on, other than developing additions on to our residences. And it’s vital to get the layout absolutely correct. Following all, not only is the kitchen area the workhorse of your home, but true estate agents will notify you that even though a good kitchen can bag you a sale at a superior rate, just one which is intended poorly will final result in less, and reduce, presents. As well as, it can be undoubtedly the most high priced home in your house to remodel, so you may want to set that invest to very good use.


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