What a homeowner should know about roof replacement

When you love and value your home, you must be aware of all the details of the repair process. That is why we, as a top-tiered roofing contractor, have compiled the most up-to-date information on roof repairs in this article.

When is a roof replacement necessary?

To replace the roof, like any overhaul, you must be aware of the circumstances under which the replacement is necessary. Here are a few of them mentioned below:

  • Severe leakage.
  • Severe mechanical damage.
  • Missing or broken shingles.
  • Defeat shingles mold.
  • Shingles don’t have pellets.

Only a roof inspector can accurately determine the need for a complete roof replacement.

In our company, you can order a free inspection of the roof, which will provide you with an accurate estimation of the cost of the work and a list of problems diagnosed.

What is the best time to replace a roof, and how long does it take?

It all depends on the scale of the work. If it is a standard size roof, on a sunny day we can replace it in just one day. If you have a large house, it may take several days. Replacement roof should be carried out when there is no rain and snow.

What type of roofs can be installed?

You can choose a roof for any exterior that matches the color and the layout of your house. You can choose between a shingle roof and a metal roof. Our inspector will help you choose the best roof type that fits your budget and matches the exterior.

Maybe the roof can be repaired?

Unfortunately, there are situations when roof repair is not possible. Strong leaks, mechanical damage, and mold damage can deteriorate the interior of the house, and lead to damage to the walls and ceiling. Roof damage on this scale is also considered a threat to your safety.

In addition, quite often roof repairs can be unprofitable. Frequent repairs in most cases are more expensive than one complete roof replacement.

Best roof contractors

Roof replacement is one of the most requested services at Advance Roofing LLC. We are the best roof contractors in Spokane and have been replacing roofs for our city’s residents for many years. We carry out free roof diagnostics and select the best roof replacement offers.


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