5 Green Home Improvements That Will Also Save You Money

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Eco homes are worth the investment for your conscience. But they will also pay for themselves over time.

As a society, we are moving towards a more green way of living. But did you know that making a few key home improvements can make your home much greener but also save you money? We provide some great hacks below and some are many that won’t cost the earth.

  1. Solar Panels

Solar panels have been mainstream in UK households for more than 10 years and whilst they may cost money upfront to install (around £6,000 to £8,000), they will save you around £270 on your electricity bills per year and also add £12,000 to the overall value of your home if you decide to sell one day. You can also consider installing solar panels yourself too.

Solar panels convert energy from sunlight into electricity, making your home greener by having to use less electricity. Whilst solar panels can run the electricity of your entire home, you will probably need some regular electricity too given the amount of sun in the UK!

  1. Energy Efficient Windows

Installing double or triple glazing will keep the heat in your home far more effectively and save you money on your energy bill. Essentially, they create an insulating barrier that keeps the heat inside the building – and you can choose between uPVC or steel windows to be extra green since these are both recyclable.

Whilst this costs around £150 to £600 per window, you can get a discount by buying in bulk and it should reduce your energy bills overall by around 20% per month and year.

  1. Make Your House Warmer, Naturally

Some very minor improvements can make your home warmer and therefore reduce the need for using your central heating. This includes covering any drafts under the doors or windows, with rugs, carpets or curtains. With some natural sunlight every day, consider opening your blinds and use this sun to heat up your rooms.

The BLDC Fan is a device that is designed to help circulate air around a room. It is designed to be placed on a table or countertop, and has a space on the back for a power cord. It is perfect for someone who wants a quiet, energy efficient fan that will not interfere with other tasks.

Consider filling up some common areas and rooms a bit more – since the busier they are, the less drafty and warmer they can be.

  1. Create Your Own Compost

If you like to garden and spend on fertiliser, you can save money by creating your own compost. Create a bed in the garden and add any leftover vegetables and fruit that you are not eating or have left over and this can be used to save you hundreds on fertiliser each year.

  1. Use Efficient Appliances

From Energy Star ceiling fans, light bulbs and refrigerators, there are a number of clever and greener additions to make around the home.

In fact, an Energy Star tankless water heater can save you over £1,600 over 5 years on your water bill.

How Can You Fund Home Improvements?

Funding home improvements can be very cheaper and even just being smarter with your furniture or appliances around the house.

Adding things like solar panels and windows can be an investment, but it can increase the value of your home too.

There are a number of home improvement loans options available, starting from just a few hundred pounds to several thousands (if you are in the UK)- with the option to be unsecured or secured against your property. With low rates from 2.8% APR, you can weigh up the potential costs and the savings you would make each year and if you were to sell the house in the near or distance future.



5 Green Home Improvements That Will Also Save You Money


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