Why Garage Epoxy Floor Coating Peels and How to Fix It

There are many reasons why epoxy flooring is one of the most preferred coatings for garage floors. It is durable, cost-effective, easy to clean, low maintenance, and resistant to water, shock, heat, chemicals, and corrosion. If your epoxy garage floor is professionally installed using industry-grade materials, you should enjoy it for a decade or more. However, it is possible that the epoxy coating will peel or flake over time, earlier than expected. Learn more about this happens and how it can be fixed.

Why Your Garage Floor Epoxy Peels

Here are the reasons why you observe peeling on the surface of your epoxy flooring:

  1. Uneven Concrete Surface

If the concrete base was not prepared well before the installation, it might result in problems later. Note that before pouring the epoxy, the contaminants and loose cement should be removed from the concrete floor. Moreover, any open pores or rough surfaces should be fixed to ensure that epoxy adheres well to the concrete. Otherwise, the base will have an uneven concrete surface. As a result, your epoxy garage floor will peel or flake. Other than appearance, it will also affect its use.

  1. Oil and Other Contaminants

Epoxy flooring can resist oil and other chemicals that are common in garages. It can also take on strong cleaning solutions. But if these oils and other potent substances are left and are not cleaned immediately, it may be difficult to remove them. Later, they may damage the surface of the epoxy and cause the peeling that you may not find appealing. 

  1. Hot Tire Pickup

Your garage floor epoxy is generally heat-resistant. However, if you park your extremely hot tires after usage in your garage, you let the rubber cool down on the surface; it may stick on the epoxy. This will cause it to flake, peel, or chip.

  1. Sand Bubbles

Another cause of not effectively applying epoxy is bubbling that appears on the surface. The epoxy floor coating may peel off if the bubbles are too many and are close together. A palm sander can be used to fix this. However, professionals should deal with this.

For all these issues, it is necessary that a professional epoxy flooring company inspect what indeed caused the peeling or chipping. The remedy if the condition is worse is probably reapplication of epoxy. This is necessary to restore the coating and ensure it lasts longer than it should. Make sure that you contact contractors who are experts in the industry. Do not just rely on promises.

Check if there are testimonials from satisfied customers on their website or their portfolio. You should also check if the epoxy flooring Dade City company is licensed and certified. If they are, their contractors should also receive sufficient training and experience. If you have friends that have trusted contractors, you can ask them for their contact information so that you do not need so much time researching. Remember that you should invest in the right team to receive what you paid for.


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