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If you live in an apartment building with your own private balcony you will want to make the most of it whatever the season. You’ve been relaxing and socialising on your balcony all summer long, and just because the weather’s cooling doesn’t mean you can’t continue to make the most of your outside space with our winter balcony garden ideas. 

Unless you live in a warm area where the climate is fairly consistent throughout the year, you’ll need to choose your balcony garden ideas in accordance with the seasons. This means making warmth and coziness top priorities in winter, as well as taking the opportunity to layer up with lots of comforting touches that add the all-important luxe feel.

You can find out how with these expert tips on creating cozy winter balcony garden ideas that work for your space.

small balcony with chair

Every small balcony needs a quiet reading space for those days when you can catch the best of the winter weather

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

10 winter balcony garden ideas


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