4 Ways Home Improvements Can Affect Your Home Insurance

People tend to improve their homes in one way or the other and they do this for different reasons.

Opinions and reviews on Collected.Reviews believe some homeowners want a home improvement so as to increase their home space or renovate some rooms in the house. And some of these home improvements might be necessary due to old age or after a storm has destroyed some parts of the home. No matter what the reason for a home improvement might be, it is likely to affect your home insurance.

When embarking on a home improvement project, you should visit some insurance company websites to view feedback on insurance companies and hopefully you’ll see something related to how home improvements can affect your home insurance. But most times home improvements that tend to increase the home value might render your home insurance coverage useless and then this might expose you to losses.

4 Ways Home Improvements Can Affect Your Home Insurance

There are certain home improvements that affect your home insurance and here are some ways some certain home improvements can affect your home insurance.

1.             Expanding Your Home Space:

As a homeowner you might need to expand your space as your family grows. This might mean you need to expand the garden space, the play area or even add some more rooms. This addition will definitely alter your home insurance. You might also need to consider reducing or totally scrapping some improvements.

2.             Building A Pool:

A pool project in your home might make your home the most popular in the environment. But at the same time it means your home insurance coverage will be greatly altered. The home insurance policy will most likely also cover medical costs incase a person gets injured in the pool and it will also cover any legal expenses in case you get sued in the process. Also building a pool might require you to build a fence round the pool and if the pool has more fun activities like a slide or a diving board then it will require a higher insurance coverage.

3.             Adding An Office To The Home:

You might decide to work from home or decide to build your family business office in your home. Most homeowners insurance policy covers home based businesses of about $2,500 but this might not be enough to cover this new asset especially if this business would create more foot traffic in your home such as gym sessions or music classes. So you might need to upgrade your home insurance coverage.

4.             Improving Your Kitchen Or Bath Room:

These rooms are the most important rooms in a home. You might want to increase the space in your kitchen or upgrade it into a chef like kitchen and upgrade your bathroom into a master bathroom. But all these improvements come with you upgrading your home insurance too.


Before starting a home improvement project, you should call your insurer and speak to them about the basics of the project so you can be sure of how this improvement will affect your home insurance. Thankfully this article has provided you with 4 common home improvements that could affect your home insurance, so with this you would know how to plan ahead.


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