What Should be Considered When Installing a New Roof?

What to consider when installing a new roof

Installing a new roof is a rather complicated process. After all, you need to take into account a lot of factors so that the roof will last a long time and withstand the most severe climatic loads. Tips and recommendations from Advance Roofing, a leading contractor in Spokane.

 When to change the roof?

It is necessary to completely update the roof when:

  • Minor repairs do not solve problems with the tightness of the roof.
  • Part of the roof tile is missing.
  • Traces of leaks regularly appear on the ceiling.
  • The service life of the roof is more than 25 years.

If we are talking about metal tiles, then such a roof is repaired if there is a dent or hole in the roof.

What to consider when installing the roof

In general, all the factors for installing a new roof can be combined into three large groups.

Climatic conditions in your area

Depending on the complexity of the structure, the installation of the roof can take from one day to several weeks. Depending on the area, you have to take the weather conditions into account. Extreme temperatures, prolonged downpours, heavy snowfalls, and frequent hurricanes—all this can disrupt the process of replacing the roof. Therefore, a competent roofing contractor closely monitors not only the recommendations of manufacturers of roofing materials but also weather forecasts. So, Advance Roofing specialists are always ready to provide recommendations on roof replacement—at what time of the year it is better to start work, which materials are best suited for a particular roof structure, and so on.

Types of roofing materials

What your roof will look like depends on the choice of roofing material. Here you need to consider:

●       Durability of the material;

●       Endurance;

●       Resistance to moisture, fire, and climatic loads;

●       Purpose of the building and its construction;

●       Roof design.

According to the experience of Advance Roofing, our customers most often choose bitumen shingles and metal tiles for roof repairs. Both types of roofing materials have their advantages.

Advantages of bitumen shingles:

●       Wide color palette;

●       High speed of installation;

●       Excellent sound insulation properties;

●       Biological resistance;

●       High thermal insulation properties;

●       Cost-effectiveness of application;

●       Durability;

●       Resistance to sunlight;

●       Ease of transportation;

●       Convenience of delivery to the roof;

●       Versatility.

Advantages of metal shingles:

●       High strength;

●       Resistance to atmospheric pressure;

●       Reliability;

●       Ease of roof maintenance;

●       Corrosion resistance;

●       Biological resistance.

The cost of the roof

How much you will spend on the roof depends on the complexity of the work and the type and amount of material. As a rule, in each case, the contractor evaluates the cost of roofing repairs individually.

In order to provide you with a rough estimate of the cost, we will give you the current prices for bitumen and metal tiles in 2022.

The average cost of bitumen shingles is about $2 per square foot. Roofing material packaging will cost you approximately $ 35. And for a 2,000-square-foot roof, you’ll need about $1,700 worth of shingles.

The cost of a metal roof will depend on what kind of metal is used for it. Average prices per square foot in the USA are as follows:

●       $150 for corrugated steel;

●       Aluminum shingles—$400;

●       Galvanized steel: $335;

●       Tin — $ 350;

●       Seam roof—$400;

●       Zinc — $ 600;

●       Copper — 1400 dollars.

Roofing is a complex process that includes a lot of nuances. Without special skills, it is easy not only to make a mistake, but also to get seriously injured. We recommend entrusting the construction of the roof to experts from Advance Roofing. We handle projects of any complexity, from roof construction to installation and repair. You can request a free consultation with a roofing contractor by calling 509-201-4190.


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